Condor 1-Day Trip Wrap-up Report, Jimmy is Live
Old Glory 111 Yellowfin Tuna For The Day, Kley is Live
Pursuit Wrap Up Report, Gus Is Live
H&M Landing Wrap Up
Mirage Sportfishing Wrap-up Report
Outrider Halibut, Rockfish, and More, Tucker is Live
Coral Sea 3/4 Day Report
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Fortune 4.5-Hour Drift, Good Times, Bob is Live
Grande Wrap Up Report Good Fun
Helgren's Sportfishing Report
Spitfire, Nice Bonito Fishing, John Is Live
Redondo Special Wrap Up Report
Bongos Bluefin Tuna
Aztec, Phenomenal Fishing, Greg is Live
Old Glory 100+ Tuna and Still Going
Fishermans Landing Midday Report, Carl is Live
Mustang 1.5-Day Wrap-up Report, Steve is Live
Condor 20+ Yellowfin Tuna to 70-Pounds, Scott is Live
Condor Overnight Trip Yellowfin Tuna On The Bite, Jimmy is Live
Freedom 1.5-Day Tuna Wrap-up Report
Sport King 3/4 Day Wrap-up Report, Bruce is Live
Pursuit Catalina Island Wrap-up Report, Gus is Live
New Lo-An, Good Yellowfin Fishing, Adam Is Live
H&M Landing Wrap-up Report, Ollie is Live
Grande limits Yellowtail again today! Alec Is Live
Sea Adventure 80 Fish Studs on the Fish
Marina Del Ray Wrap Up Report
Stardust 3/4 day Memorial Trip Report
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Western Pride Wrap Up, Chris Is Live
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Spitfire Nice Day Fishing Today, John is Live
Thunderbird 2-Day Wrap-up Report, Brian is Live
Toronado Big Cow On Deck, Donny is Live
Enterprise Terrific Bonito Fishing, Good Times, Andy is Live
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